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The Most High By Natasha Karungi Kashushu

Artist: Natasha Karungi Kashushu
Title: The Most High
Medium: Digital Art
Size: 32cm x 167cm
Year: 2021

Born in February 1999, Natasha Karungi Kashushu is a full-time artist based in Kampala, Uganda. Having studied fine art in high school, she has since taken up art as a career, developing her practice as a digital artist and illustrator. She is a lead artist and co-founder at and her artwork is recognizable by the bold and vibrant color schemes, tribal patterns, doodles and geometric shapes.

“My pieces usually have a lot of detail either in the foreground or background because I want the viewer to be able to discover something new every time they look at my work. My style is influenced a lot by movements in art history like cubism, art nouveau and mosaics, music, dance, poetry, African literature, mythology and social movements.

I hope to use my art to inspire younger artists, especially in Uganda, to believe that art is a respectable and valid career.” – Natasha Karungi Kashushu


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