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Fragile Masculinity By Benjamin Atwom

Artist: Benjamin Atwom
Title: Fragile Masculinity
Medium: Installation Photography on Archival Paper
Size: 45cm x 36cm
Year: 2021

Born in May 1996, Benjamin Atwom is a self-taught artist based in Entebbe, Uganda. Through his artwork, he sets out to provide a commentary on social disparities by juxtaposing mundane objects and situations so as to provoke thought and conversation and look at ‘everyday’ things with new eyes.

“the concepts in my art directly feed off of the mundane or commonplace – an evocative appropriation of things, objects, situations as we know them – an invitation to look at them with new eyes. A somewhat common motif is the box – symbolic for being boxed in or out. The ideas in it lean heavier on implication rather than explanation – and a dosage of humor, which I think is a basis for human connection, lingers in.” – Benjamin Atwom


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