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Saicology (Self Portrait) By Simon Peter Sai

Artist: Simon Peter Sai
Title: Saicology (Self Portrait)
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 70cm x 90cm
Year: 2020

Born, in February 1989, Simon Peter Sai is self-taught full-time artist based in Gulu, Northern Uganda. He is the founder of Sai Arts Gulu – Uganda, Co-founder of VASA Art Movement and the Art Coordinator for Northern Uganda Visual Artists.

His art practice entails use of non-degradable industrial waste materials, in particular, found objects such as plastics, polythene bags, metals, scraps of cloth (off-cuts), and metals which he assembles into artwork.

He is a believer in recycling of waste and protection of the environment. In his practice, he sets out to give waste another chance by turning trash into treasure as abandoned material gets reused and revalued.

His entry artwork is created from assemblage of e-waste obtained from scrap material of disused electrical and electronic equipment such as phones, computers, radios, CDs, electric bulbs and the like to create a self portrait.


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