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Samba Gown I, II, III By Sandra Suubi

Artist: Sandra Suubi
Title: Samba Gown I, II, III
Medium: Photography and Wearable Sculpture
Size: 51cm x 61cm
Year: 2022

Born in June 1990, Sandra Suubi is a multi-disciplinary full-time visual artist based in Kampala, Uganda. She holds a Masters in Fine Art degree and a Bachelor of Industrial and Fine Arts degree from Makerere University, Uganda.

‘Samba Gown I, II and III’ are part of a broader performance piece ‘Samba Gown’ re-enacting and rethinking the bride’s walk down the aisle but using the streets of Kampala. Cognizant of the origins of the traditions and expectations around marriage, the artist hopes for Ugandans and Ugandan women to have the opportunity to openly speak about their expectations prior and actual findings in this institution.

“Throughout our lives as Ugandan women, it seems that everything we are taught is to prepare us for the institution of marriage which has been defined as the truest culmination of love between two people. This performance portrays the woman on her wedding day, waking up early in excitement and getting ready as culture would have it. All would be well, and she would get her makeup done and get ready in her beautiful gown. She then starts the long journey down the never-ending aisle of life.

Throughout the performance, the bride is presented happy, smiling and looking like everything is okay all the while wearing a heavy gown in which she can hardly move. The performance also comments on the wastefulness of the wedding gown industry.”


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