The MMA Prize 2018 Winner – Pamela Enyonu

The MMA Prize is 2018 was won by Pamela Enyonu with her piece called Bwino.

“‘Bwino’ is a Luganda word which means ‘ink’. Its usage has evolved to mean checked and proven facts as basis of logical arguments and conclusions. In this day of ‘alternative’ facts, there is even a bigger need to real facts to channel populist arguments. These facts serve as guidance to any seeker of truth. They are the skeleton that upholds the body of knowledge. The piece utilizes pieces of paper from a magazine shaped like human bones to reinforce our reliance on fact and knowledge to go forward.” Pamela Enyonu

The winner was selected by the MMA Prize 2018 panel of judges comprised of Stephen Tio Kauma (collector), Margaret Nagawa (curator) and Henry Mzili Mujunga (Artist).