About the prize

The Mukumbya Musoke Advocates Art Prize (the MMA Art Prize) aims to award and promote talented emerging artists in Uganda seeking to establish or grow their profile on the contemporary scene. The MMA Art Prize is open to emerging artists of eligible age who are resident in Uganda. The winner will receive a monetary prize of UGX 3,500,000 and have their artwork together with selected works of the finalists exhibited and offered for sale to our audiences.


Entry and Deadline

Entries closed at 23:59 hours on 10 July 2018. The shortlist of finalists and the winner are selected by a panel of distinguished judges. The panel of judges for the MMA Art Prize 2018 comprises of Henry Mzili Mujunga, a Ugandan artist, writer and teacher; Margaret Nagawa a Ugandan artist, writer and curator; and Stephen Tio Kauma a Ugandan art collector and promoter.

The artwork shortlisted for the MMA Art Prize 2018 is currently on exhibition and available for sale at Afriart Gallery Kira Road until 17 August 2018, when the winner will be selected and announced by the judges.

Rules and Guidelines for MMA Art Prize
  1. Entry is open to artists between the ages of 21 and 40 resident in Uganda.
  2. All entries are by electronic submission by email to art@mukumbyamusoke.com  attaching: a) a signed entry form; b) the artist’s CV and statement about their work; and c) an electronic image of each eligible artwork.
  3. The electronic image must accurately portray the artwork and the Artist agrees that all artwork submitted must be available for sale.
  4. The artist can submit up to a maximum of 4 artworks of any medium, which artworks can be paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures or video.
  5. The artwork must be a product of the artist, who must own the artwork and all moral and intellectual property rights in respect of the artwork. It is the sole responsibility of the artist to ensure that the artwork does not infringe any third party’s proprietary rights.
  6. An artist whose artwork is shortlisted among the finalists shall be invited to submit the original artwork to the participating gallery together with the artist’s recommended price for the artwork. A failure to submit such original artwork can lead to withdrawal from the shortlist.
  7. Each artwork must not exceed a total of 3m x 3m in size.
  8. The artist will enter into an agreement with the participating gallery, at the time of submission of the original shortlisted artwork, which will entitle the gallery to a commission from any sale of the artwork during the exhibition.
  9. None of organizers or sponsors of the Prize will at any time be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks physically submitted and the artist is advised to take out insurance to cover the artwork at all times including while at the gallery.
  10. The artist agrees that Mukumbya Musoke Advocates and the participating gallery may at any time reproduce their work at no fee for purposes of publicizing the artist or artwork or for purposes of promotion of the current or future Prize events.
  11. For any queries, please contact the organizers by email at art@mukumbyamusoke.com
MMA Art Prize 2018 Shortlist

Below is the shortlist for 2018

Saint Kikuubo

Artist: Adonias Ocom
Title: Saint Kikuubo
Medium: Charcoal, wash and collage
Size: 120 x 100 cm
Year: 2018

“In my world, Saints are daily people going about their daily life of survival and have nothing to do with the near to perfection attribute and spiritual aloofness that is preached by the Catholic Church. This contrast in experience and ideology influences the narrative “Who is your Saint?” which is the subject matter of my recent body of work.” Adonias Ocom



Artist: Pamela Enyonu
Title: Bwino
Medium: Collage on canvas
Size: 66.4 x 37.4 cm
Year: 2018

“‘Bwino’ is a luganda word which means ‘ink’. Its usage has evolved to mean checked and proven facts as basis of logical arguments and conclusions. In this day of ‘alternative’ facts, there is even a bigger need to real facts to channel populist arguments. These facts serve as guidance to any seeker of truth. They are the skeleton that upholds the body of knowledge. The piece utilizes pieces of paper from a magazine shaped like human bones to reinforce our reliance on fact and knowledge to go forward.” Pamela Enyonu

Nambi Sky Godess (the fated meeting)

Artist: Sarah Marione Ijangolet Akol
Title: Nambi Sky Godess (the fated meeting)
Medium: Digital painting
Size: 60 x 40 cm
Year: 2018

“This painting is a representation of the Nambi, daughter of the god of the sky, Gulu (from Buganda folklore). As a primary school student, my earliest memory of folk tales was the select few that featured in a yellow textbook dotted with a few illustrations. That book featured an illustration of Walumbe, an image as frightening as could be for a 9 year old. Most representations of Nambi that I saw later were of a very human looking person in a wrap, and I decided to imagine her larger than life, as magnificent as Kintu might have seen her, and as otherworldly as possible.” Sarah Marione Ijangolet Akol


Artist: Matt Kayem
Title: Kanyesigye
Medium: Terracotta and wood sculpture
Size: 20.3 x 20.3 x 45.72 cm
Year: 2017

“A team of archeologists have been searching for buried treasure in western Uganda, Kiruhura district in the village of Rushere and they unearthed this buried artifact. Carbon dating on this terracotta head indicates that it is more than 500 years. The sculptural head is believed to be of Kanyesigye, a chief of Rushamwezi county in the Ankole region. He was a devoted slave dealer, obsessed and fascinated by the goods from the Arabs from the coast of East Africa like guns, beads, mirrors and others. It is believed that he went up to the extent of selling his family members into slavery.” Matt Kayem.